Measuring For Roller Blinds

Measuring For Roller Blinds Blinds Direct Online

There are different ways to measure for roller blinds depending on if you’re putting them in a window recess or not. But, regardless, you’ll need to take both height and width measurements. as well as measuring it both inside and outside the window recess.
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How To Measure ‘Inside’ Of The Mount

To make a blind sit nicely in a recess, you will need to take three measurements. Using your steel tape measure, measure across the top of the window, now measure across the middle of the window and then across the bottom. The narrowest measurement of the three is the width we call the recess width. Repeat the same process you just did to find the blind drop measurement, measuring the left side, the middle, and the right side of the recess with your steel tape measure. Once again, the shortest of the three is the drop that we need, called the recess drop.
The fabric cover on all roller blinds is always narrower than the overall bracket to bracket size of the blind to make sure the material moves without problems.

How To Measure For ‘Outside’ Of The Mount

If you need your blind to cover the entire window, you will first need to figure out the window recess’s width and depth. This is done by measuring as we have discussed. Next, add blind slats to the cavity with a 10cm overhang to each side and the same above and below. Once you have ensured there are no obstructions and recalculated, you will have your exact measurements. For roller blinds, you need to remember that the top and bottom widths are bracket to bracket. However, the fabric is always 3cm narrower.
In the event that you have a wooden dowel protruding from the wall above the window, make sure to measure it as precisely as possible, as well as the desired height for the blind, so you’ll be confident it will be measured properly. With Direct Blinds, this is easy to do!

Roller Blinds FAQ

  • How Do Roller Blinds Work?
    The specific type of window covering known as roller blinds are durable fabric which is held up by a sturdy roller. This roller can be made from either timber, aluminium, or another sturdy material. Blinds may be raised and lowered by rolling the fabric up on a roller. For additional convenience, the fabric may be automatically or manually adjusted with a chain, spring, or motor.
  • Why Choose Roller Blinds Instead Of Curtains?
    To make curtains and roller blinds more comparable online, you may wonder what roller blinds have to offer. Unlike curtains, roller blinds are easily washed and the window stays fully clear. They are also really sleek and don't take up a lot of space. Moreover, because they are available in so many different types of fabric, colours, and styles, roller blinds offer a perfect combination of cost and variety.
  • How Are Roller Blinds Different From Traditional Blinds?
    Unlike conventional window coverings that rely on horizontal or vertical slats to give privacy and reduce the light coming into a room, these slats are usually made of wood, plastic, or metal, and connected by strings or cords running through each slat. Roller blinds give privacy and can block out unwanted sunlight with a single length of fabric. Depending on your taste, you may find one style to be more attractive than another for your windows.