Living Room Blinds

The living room has long been an important family space. Aside from the kitchen, it’s the epicentre of our home lives and the place most of us sink into to relax and spend time as a family after a long day at work. Characterised by soft furnishings and comfortable furniture, the living room is a place for entertaining guests, watching television and playing games as a family so it’s important that living room blinds are stylish but also make the room feel cosy, comfortable and stylish. At Blinds Direct Online, we’ve got the perfect classic and modern living room window blinds for your living room, to help you create your own haven and a space that makes you feel calm and serene.

As part of a busy and central room, blinds for the living room should be multi-functional and easy to clean in order to maintain the look of the space and allow you to relax without worrying about cleaning or curtains that do not hang properly. We’ve got living room roller blinds or Venetian blinds to suit every need and taste.  We also have living room vertical blinds, which will work perfectly in many room settings.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing living room blinds is how they’re going to blend into your decor. For a more understated colour scheme, think about coordinating a neutral fabric to complement the room with our most popular living room blind, the Matte White Venetian Blind or add a splash of colour with bright living room blinds such as our Teal Roller Blind. You might even want to match blinds for your living room to your sofa or another statement piece in your living room or your blinds might be the focal point of the room. Choosing the right blinds for your living room could mean the difference between creating a cosy, comfortable and warm room and a cold, stark room that no one wants to sit in.

A living room vertical blind is easy to adjust, allowing you to control the amount of light coming into the room, whilst affording you that important privacy.  Available in a range of colours, vertical blinds can be a great choice for your living room.

Are you looking to control your privacy when relaxing in your living room? A living room Venetian blind will provide you with privacy but also allow in light at the same time. If your living room is front or street-facing, Venetian blinds are the perfect solution and allow you to maintain your privacy without having to sit in the dark.

If you’re looking for something bright and bold that will also provide privacy and light exposure when you need it, browse our range of roller blinds. Living room roller blinds can be rolled away entirely when not in use but provides your room with a splash of colour when you’re entertaining. Living room window blinds are also a brilliant solution for blocking out glare from the sun when you’re watching television or films. If you’re not sure about whether to have blinds or curtains in your living room, we have compiled a quick guide to help you make the right choice for you.

If you see a blind that suits your needs and tastes but you’re not 100% sure that the colour will match your decor, just order a free sample and you can try it out at home before you purchase your blinds. Browse our full range of styles and colours.

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