Measure & Fit

Step 1

Decide which method of fixing you require, either TOP FIX or FACE FIX. The blind has been supplied with universal fixing brackets to top fix into the ceiling / lintel directly above the blind or face fix onto the wall or window frame directly behind the blind.

Top Fixing

Take a measurement of how far your window handles protrude from your window frame (mm) then add 20mm to that measurement, this is the distance from the window frame you will need to drill to avoid the slats catching your window handles. Use a pencil to mark where the brackets will be positioned.

Face Fixing

Fix the brackets in the exact place that you took your original measurement from. Use a pencil to mark where the brackets will be positioned.
Note: You cannot face fix into a recess with protruding window handles as there is no space available to allow the blind to hang correctly. If this is the case you will need to use the top fix method.

Step 2

Pull the swing arm of each bracket towards the centre until it is protruding outwards. Locate the headrail between the front and back lips of the bracket and push upwards. Carefully push the swing arm back towards the headrail so that they fit flush and lock the rail in place. Repeat on other brackets. Hook the wand into the control tilter and hang down vertically (ensure wand is not over tightened).

Step 3

To lower the blind, pull the cord across the face of the blind to release the cordlock and let the cord slide through your fingers until the blind reaches the desired height. Twist the wand control to adjust the angle of the slats. Slats should be in the open position when raising or lowering the blind.

Step 4

The safety cleat should be installed as close to the headrail as possible and not less than 1500mm from the floor. The cord must be fully gathered around the safety cleats when the blind is idle.

Distance between the cleats will vary dependent on the drop of the blind. This will allow the cord to fully gather around the cleats when the blind is fully raised. See guide to the left.

Step 5

Place the safety cleat in position using above guidelines and mark its hole locations.

Drill the marked holes, and secure the safety cleat to the wall using suitable screws and fixings.

Tightly wrap the cords around the cleats in a figure of eight.

WARNING: In the interest of safety, please keep all pull cords and chains out of the reach of children. Move cots, beds and other furniture away from blinds and install safety devices such as cleats and cord tidies to limit access to cords.


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