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When choosing office blinds or commercial blinds, it can be tricky to strike the balance between a professional, smart looking environment which doesn’t look tired and worn and somewhere that feels productive with practical blinds. When it comes to any work space, productivity is key. Whether you’re looking for commercial blinds for schools, offices, hotels, museums or any other commercial space, we’ve got the right blinds for every purpose. All of our blinds are made to measure so we can suit any purpose and setting.

Finding the right office blinds or commercial blinds will have a huge impact on employees, making them feel comfortable during the day, helping to boost productivity and morale. Get it wrong and you could cause distractions in the work place, which will be detrimental to productivity levels.


Whether your needs are for hygiene, fire safety, child safety, privacy, temperature control or light control, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the right solution in our full range of blinds. All of our Venetian and Roller blind are wipe clean and easy to clean, providing you with affordable and durable window treatments. Tired-looking, worn down blinds do not give off a good impression for your business and we recognise this at Blinds Direct Online. Our blinds are manufactured using high quality materials to ensure that your space continues to look professional and neat.

Venetian blinds are great for controlling light levels throughout the day and are perfect for providing a professional, modern look to any commercial space. If your office building is exposed to huge amounts of light during the day, venetian blinds can be opened or closed at various levels to prevent glare on staff’s screens and to prevent the office from heating up too much in the summer. If you’re going for a neutral look, take a look at our Matte White Venetian blinds.

On the other hand, roller blinds are another great addition to an office or commercial setting. Giving a neat and uniform look to any window, they can be rolled down or up to suit light levels and are perfect for conference rooms where presentations may take place. A recent customer, Statham Lodge Hotel, used our blinds in one of their function rooms to suit its many purposes, both during the day and night. For a blind to blend in and create a professional looking office space, take a look at our White Roller blind. If you’d prefer to spice the office up and add some colour, try our Teal Roller Blind.

Vertical blinds are sleek and stylish and will make any commercial building or home office look professional and smart. Adjust the slats to give employees enough light and protect screens from glare. Try our Clear White Vertical Blind to allow soft light to filter through or our Vanilla Vertical Blind.

Adding blinds to your office can help to save on energy costs by keeping heat in during the winter or reflecting heat in the summer. This means that you spend less on heating costs. You might also spend less on lighting costs as blinds can be opened to maximise on natural daylight but provide privacy at the right times.

So whether you’re looking for a set of blinds to complete an office, hotel room or restaurant or you’re looking for one blind to add a splash of colour and excitement to the office, we can offer the perfect solution.

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