14 Jun 2017

Think Before your Redecorate! Simple Ways to Brighten up a Room

If you’re tired of walking into a dark room that feels tired and stale and you’re thinking about ripping the decor out and starting again, STOP! There could be another way to brighten up the room that doesn’t involve the hassle and upheaval of redecorating. Here are a few simple ways to brighten up a room without having to start from scratch.


Mirrors can help to double the amount of sunlight that bounces around your room. Adding mirrors or other reflective surfaces such as coffee tables or accessories can also help to give the illusion that a room is brighter and larger than it really is. Hanging a large mirror directly across from a large window or arrange an array of smaller mirrors to help brighten a dark staircase.12-Brilliant-Ideas-for-decorating-with-large-wall-mirror-3How-Make-Small-Room-Look-Bigger-MirrorsHow-Make-Small-Room-Look-Bigger-Mirrors

Bring the Outdoors Inside

If you can’t bring colour into your home with paint, you can do it in a more natural way. Houseplants can bring nature indoors with colour and texture. Many houseplants are natural air purifiers and work in the background to remove toxins from the air within your home. Buy pots in bright colours such as red and yellow to add an extra splash of colour.


Avoid Dark, Heavy Window Dressings

Dark, heavy curtains will not only prevent natural light from coming into your room, they will also make the inside look darker and smaller. Think about swapping heavy curtains for lighter materials such as blinds. At Blinds Direct Online, we have a range of blinds to suit any colour scheme. If you’re looking for something neutral, why not try our Magnolia Venetian Blind or Calico Roller Blind? To add a splash of colour, try our Teal Roller Blind.

Blinds can be rolled away to allow maximum light into the room and don’t take up too much space so won’t encroach on the space inside, they will also give you more privacy when needed.



Change soft furnishings

You can change your decor around without completely redecorating by changing soft furnishings such as pillows, candles, rugs, wall art and throws. If you have a neutral colour scheme, add a few splashes of colour for more variety. For a brighter colour scheme, you could add complementary decorations to add more depth to the interior.


This might be an obvious tip but having ample lighting within your home will help to make rooms feel brighter. Simply switching light bulbs to the highest wattage or keeping glass lights clean can make a huge difference.

White Venetian Blinds - Perfect for kitchens

So, before you start looking at new wallpapers or paint, take a look at your home and think about how you can brighten the rooms without spending a fortune or having to live with the upheaval of completely redecorating.