20 Jul 2017

Want to Know How to Keep your Home Cool this Summer?

Due to the infrequency of hot weather in the UK, when the sun eventually emerges, we all turn into puddles and complain of stickiness and sleepless nights. Recent weather has left many of us sleep deprived and looking forward to winter! Other countries are far better at dealing with the heat but are much more reliant on air conditioning; something we have little need for in the UK. So, if you’re struggling with the heat and you’re desperate for somewhere cooler to sit, try these top tips.

Keep the windows closed

As tempting as it may be to throw all of the windows in your home open as soon as the sun emerges, this can actually be counterproductive in keeping your home cool. You need to keep the warm air out which involves keeping the windows firmly shut. At night, when the temperature has dropped, is the perfect time to open the windows to allow fresh air in and create a refreshing breeze. Just remember to close everything again once the outside temperature starts to soar.

If the heat gets too intense during the day and you really must open a window, do it in a strategic way. Is there a way to create a through draft in your house? Remember that moving air is so much cooler than still air so if you really can’t copy without an open window, keep the air moving.

Want to Know How to Keep your Home Cool this Summer? Blinds Direct Online

Utilise window dressings

Did you know that up to 30% of unwanted heat comes in through your windows? Glass absorbs heat and contributes to a greenhouse effect in your home so keep curtains and blinds closed when it’s warm if you can to reflect the heat and prevent your home from becoming even warmer.

Blackout blinds are great for not only keeping out light but help to reflect heat too. Why not try our Grey Blackout Roller Blind to help you stay cool, get a better night’s sleep and match the decor in your bedroom.

Want to Know How to Keep your Home Cool this Summer? Blinds Direct Online

Switch off appliances

If the heat inside is becoming unbearable, turn off as many appliances as you can. You’d be surprised at how much heat they can give off. When the weather gets really warm, the last thing you’re going to want to do is turn on the oven and make it even warmer, so cook outside and enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts.

This goes for lights too! Incandescent lights give off a huge amount of heat so make sure you turn them off if you don’t need them. With lighter nights, you shouldn’t need them too much anyway.

Keep doors open

Closing the internal doors within your home will prevent the cooler air from circulating around your home throughout the day so keep the doors inside open to keep air moving and cool. Take advantage of this at night too by letting air flow naturally through your home to keep you cool while you sleep.

Want to Know How to Keep your Home Cool this Summer? Blinds Direct Online

Try these tips to keep your home cool during unbearably hot days, evenings and nights during the summer. For many of us, it’s not worth investing in air conditioning due to a lack of use for most of the year so we have to cope using other methods.