12 Apr 2016

4 on-trend colours for your home this year

When it comes to selecting colours for your home, there is quite literally a rainbow to choose from. But, with a broad spectrum of tones, shades and hues at your disposal, which colours will give you the most up-to-date and contemporary style?

For colour trends, you need only look as far as the fashion industry, where certain shades tend to gain popularity season by season. And where clothing leads, home interiors follow. You’ll soon find the colours that are proving popular on the catwalks of Milan, Paris and London, suddenly start to appear on the walls, floors and furnishings of UK homes.

So let us take you through the 4 main colours we think will be hot this summer:


As noted in one of our recent blog posts, gold is set to be a huge colour in home interiors this year. With Dulux naming Cherished Gold its “colour of the year”, plus with the Olympic Games giving the term “going for gold” a quite literal meaning, you can see why it has so much appeal.

Gold is highly versatile, with gloss, metallic or even matt finishes working well in combination around the home, or complimented by neutrals, for a fresh and contemporary style.

Golden ochre is a shade that is fast becoming the new copper, which was big in 2015, with a slightly warmer, yellow tone.

If all this talk of gold has got you going, why not take a look at our range of metallic blinds, where you’ll find our easy-to-fit gold venetian blinds.

Chalky pastels

Pastels have long been a favourite in home decor and have become increasingly popular in interior design over the past year. However, the pastels that are currently being used have undergone a recent transition, from bold, glossy tones to more understated and muted shades.

According to Pantone, the authority on colours, dusky pink is set to be a hugely popular colour this year, along with pale blue, and we will increasingly see these colours used in a matt finish.

Our advice? Stop talking and get chalking. Complement your matt pastel finishes with a pale pink venetian blind.

Charcoal grey

Yes, it’s official, grey is still THE colour everyone is raving about when it comes to their home design. However, the most popular shades of grey are evolving. We’re now seeing lighter shades being mixed with both pastels and darker shades, including oranges, to produce a highly sophisticated decor.

The Scandi (Scandinavian) style has been prominent in promoting this colour, along with evening blue, which is starting to appear more often in soft furnishings.

If charcoal grey has reignited your fire, make sure you use it well. It should be applied to walls and work tops in a matt finish, and can even be extended across your window space with grey venetian blinds.

Espresso brown

Much like the coffee it’s named after, espresso brown is guaranteed to enliven and refresh your home decor. Taking influences from 1970s decor (yes, we know it’s often known as the decade fashion forgot!), this shade of brown will be seen increasingly across furniture such as chairs, sofas and beds, along with earthenware materials.

If you’re looking to inject some hot coffee style into your home, why not make it even tastier with a splash of milk? Give your decor some delicious contrast by adding white venetian blinds.