17 Mar 2022

Blinds Vs Curtains Energy Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient? Are blinds or curtains better for your home? Understanding the differences between blinds and curtains will determine what’s right for your light control, privacy needs and insulation as well as your decor and spending money. At Blinds Direct Online, we provide high quality blinds that are highly energy efficient. Below we will explore which out of the two blinds are more energy-efficient and its benefits.

Blinds Vs Curtains Energy Efficiency Blinds Direct Online Blinds Vs Curtains Energy Efficiency Blinds Direct Online

ੇBenefits To Contemporary Energy Efficient Window Treatments

  • They look aesthetically pleasing and can complement your home decor
  • Enhances the natural lighting in your home which reduces the energy you spend using lights in your home
  • Energy-efficient blinds are children and pet friendly
  • The majority of energy-efficient window coverings are smart home compatible which makes it more convenient for you


Are Blinds Better Than Curtains?

Both blinds and curtains can be effective at preserving heat by shutting out draughts and trapping them in the warmth. However, deciding on which one is better all comes down to personal preference, depending on the style and design you want and how much you are willing to spend. Other factors include where you want them to be, what functions you require and what you want to achieve or avoid. The size of your windows and the space that they fill on your wall are factors you need to consider as they make a big difference when it comes to heat loss.

Why You Should Consider Installing Blinds 

  • Installing blinds can save you more money
    Blinds demand less material than curtains do. They also take less time to manufacture and install. They also take up less space than curtains.
  • Blinds are easier to manage
    Blinds are easier to clean as they have a hard surface so dusting them with a microfiber cloth is quick and simple. To remove the dust, close the slats and wipe them down with a duster then rotate the slates and repeat. To get rid of stubborn dirt and stains, it is advised to use a damp soft cloth. Cleaning curtains, as you can imagine, are much harder as vacuuming is involved. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. After vacuuming you may need to iron the curtains if necessary.
  • Blinds are more hygienic
    Work surfaces, tables and shelves are simple to clean and disinfect, but how about blinds and curtains? Double glazed Venetian blinds are especially more hygienic, as they don’t collect dust as easily which, in turn, will give you a cleaner environment that standard curtains can’t do. Curtains in hospitals especially become easily contaminated and need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Blinds provide more light control options
    Venetian blinds for instance can be operated in two ways for light control. They can move vertically from one side to another and by pulling the lift cord which lets you lift and lower the blinds. You can also change the angle by which the light enters. Because of their slatted design, light can still enter even when the blinds are completely closed. Curtains will block all of the light to give you a good night sleep!
  • Blinds are long-lasting
    Well-maintained blinds last long, up to 15 years or so.  Whatever fabric blinds have, they are all resistant to staining. They are more rigid than curtains so they are less likely to get worn easily. Whereas, fabric curtains are more prone to tearing and staining so they need replacing more often.


Disadvantages of Having Blinds Installed for Windows

  • Blinds will need regular cleaning
  • Blinds are less efficient at retaining heat
  • The window blind slats can be damaged easily especially if they are plastic or aluminium
  • Blind cords can be hazardous around young children


Why You Should Consider Installing Curtains 

  • Curtains have more styling options
    You can customise your curtains more with a wide range of styles, colours and patterns. They usually work well in rooms with classic interior designs. Blinds normally come in a smaller variety of materials and styles and generally only in solid colours. This minimalistic design is best suited for modern settings.
  • Curtains are soundproof and offer better insulation
    Both blinds and curtains increase the overall insulation of your windows to retain heat, which reduces your bills in winter. Because blinds require slats to function, heat can easily escape through the slats. Whereas, curtains don’t require slats so heat is easily maintained. The thicker the curtain is the more insulated they are. However, in summer, blinds are better than curtains for energy efficiency. This is because heat escapes easily through the slats. Both blinds and curtains also aid in keeping rooms soundproof, especially curtains because of their weight, woven fabrics and thicker material.


Disadvantages of Having Curtains Installed for Windows

  • Curtains take up more space than blinds, which gives the effect that the room is smaller than it is
  • Curtains and drapes can be more costly
  • Longer curtains can get untidy especially if young children are around. If your curtains fall over a radiator, it will send the heat up to the window and escape. So avoid placing them over a radiator.


Still Unsure on Which One to Choose? 

If you are unsure on which one is best for you and your commercial setting or home, what’s stopping you from getting both? Why not install both to maximise the benefits! If you decide to get both, consider your design options, insulation and soundproofing. Think about which room you want your blinds and curtains to be, keep in mind that low-moisture areas are the best such as bedrooms and living rooms. If you are thinking about installing both in one room, install the blinds first rather than the curtains. This will boost privacy and create a more intimate setting.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blinds with Curtains

  • Having both will increase the level of privacy in your setting
  • Hanging curtains over blinds will add more insulation, which will help tremendously during the cold winter months
  • You will have more flexible light control
  • By choosing both you get the best of what both blinds and curtains can offer



  • Choosing both options means it will be quite costly
  • Using both will take up more space and make your room look smaller
  • You will have to be cleaning them a lot more
  • They will require more maintenance


To Sum Up

Blinds and curtains are two great popular options for window coverings and both reduce energy loss effectively and both can do the trick. At Blinds Direct Online, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality blinds for commercial premises. Whatever you require, we have a solution for you. We provide three different types of blinds: Vertical, Venetian and Roller blinds for commercial settings such as offices, hotels and student accommodation. Contact us for more advice and guidance and what we can do for you.