25 Jan 2017

Choose Roller Blinds For Your Windows

Whether you’re furnishing a new home or simply wanting to freshen up your window design, you should consider Roller Blinds as your choice of window dressing. Roller Blinds are also a great option for office and work space windows; their simplistic design combined with operational ease earns their stripes as the nation’s most popular window dressing.

Always favoured for their practicality, Roller Blinds allow you to adjust the level of privacy and light infiltration of a room with the simple pulling of a cord.

Choose Roller Blinds For Your Windows Blinds Direct Online

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Roller Blinds

Sleek & Stylish
The design of a Roller Blind sits streamlined against the window pane, creating a finishing look that is neat and sleek.

Roller Blinds have always been favoured for their simplistic design which therefore creates an extremely easy-to-use product. Operating via a chain drive that allows you to manipulate the amount of fabric covering the window, increasing or decreasing the level of light within the room.

Choose Roller Blinds For Your Windows Blinds Direct Online

The Roller Blinds are durable and offer great value for money. The tough plastic cord mechanism controls the robust sheet of fabric. With a weighted flat-edged plastic bottom, the Roller Blind is practical option for your window dressing.

Flexible & Versatile
Roller Blinds are suitable for your hallway, kitchen and bedroom alike. Our Roller Blinds here at Blinds Direct Online are waterproof, ensuring they are suitable for use in your bathroom, too. Resistant to fire owing to their flame-retardant coating, they also provide a level of fire safety protection against the spreading of fire.

Choose Roller Blinds For Your Windows Blinds Direct Online

Roller blinds are exceptionally easy to clean. If you maintain on top of your cleaning duties, they merely require a dust with duster or dry cloth and a wipe down with a damp cloth. If you’re wanting a more thorough cleanse, however, follow our instructions on how to deep clean your Roller Blinds.

If the reasons detailed above aren’t enough to persuade you to choose Roller Blinds for your window dressing, perhaps our Burns Night discount offering 15% off all Roller Blinds might tip you over the edge? The discount is available on ALL Roller Blinds including Blackout Blinds, and is valid until midnight January 30. Don’t miss out, place your order today or contact us for more information.