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Grey Vertical Blinds

Grey, with its subtle charm, serves as a canvas for both statement-making designs and harmonious blends with existing decor. Our selection encompasses a range of grey shades, allowing you to curate an atmosphere that aligns with your personal style and preferences. Whether you're drawn to the dramatic allure of deeper greys or the soft sophistication of lighter tones, our grey vertical blinds empower you to express yourself.

Grey, the ultimate neutral trend, offers versatility like no other. Our blinds are not just window treatments; they're an invitation to redefine your interior aesthetics. With a spectrum of shades at your disposal, you can craft an impactful statement or effortlessly merge your blinds with the rest of your decor for a seamless and elegant transition within your window dressings.

Discover the transformative potential of grey – choose our grey vertical blinds to usher in a contemporary and sophisticated ambiance. Whether you're embracing the trend wholeheartedly or simply seeking a harmonious blend, these blinds offer a versatile backdrop that accommodates your design aspirations. Let your windows reflect the elegance of grey, a hue that effortlessly bridges classic and modern sensibilities, and infuse your living spaces with the allure of the latest home decor movement.

  • Are vertical blinds outdated?
    Vertical blinds are coming back with a bang. Once seen as going out of fashion, vertical blinds are again fast becoming one of the most popular blinds on the market. With the fantastic range of colours and patterns available, with advancing options such as chainless bottom weights to keep pets safe and no longer tangled around the bottom chains, wand control for superior child safety and slat tilting motorisation, it is hard to overlook vertical blinds in your home or office.
  • How to clean vertical blinds?
    The fabric of the vertical blinds must be handled and cleaned delicately and with care. A hoover attachment with a bristle end can be gently used to remove any dust from the fabric. If the fabric has become stained or marked, the use of warm soapy water or a baby wipe is advised by gently wiping the marked area. If an area is wiped too vigorously it will most likely discolour the area or remove some of the important properties of the fabric.
  • How to measure for vertical blinds?
    For blinds going into the window recess, measure the width first. With a tape measure, measure the width at three points, top, middle and bottom of the recess. To ensure the blind will fit take the smallest of the 3 measurements.   Then measure the drop in three points, left, middle and right. Again taking the smallest measurement. If your measurements are entered into our website as ‘Recess’, we will take 10mm from the width and drop to ensure the blind fits perfectly into the window recess.


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