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Red Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

Our Red Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds usher in a spirited palette that invigorates your surroundings. With shades ranging from deep crimson to playful scarlet, these blinds offer a versatile canvas that complements diverse decor schemes. A bold choice for those seeking to make a statement, red captures attention and adds a layer of depth to your interior aesthetic.

Experience the perfect convergence of design and practicality with our Red Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds. Beyond their aesthetic allure, these blinds prioritize safety and durability. Their child-safe design ensures peace of mind for your family, while their resilience guarantees longevity. Accompanied by an easy-to-use clear tilt wand, these blinds offer effortless control over lighting and privacy, combining convenience with style.

Revitalize your living spaces with the magnetic allure of red – opt for our Red Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds to infuse your home with a captivating burst of colour. Harness the power of bold shades and let your windows become a canvas of vibrant expression. Discover the art of customization as each blind is meticulously designed to cater to your window pane, creating an impeccable fit that seamlessly integrates with your decor. Elevate your ambiance with blinds that strike the perfect harmony between style and functionality, and let your windows radiate a story of bold elegance and dynamic character.

  • How do I measure for Perfect Fit blinds?
    1. Before you begin, ensure there is a clearance of 25mm from the rubber beading to any obstructions to allow enough room for the Perfect Fit.
    2. Measure the width and the drop of your glass size accurately with a measuring tape. Do NOT include the rubber beading. We recommend that you measure in both corners and the middle of your window and use the smallest size taken.
    3. Measure the depth of the window. Do this by taking a credit card and placing it over the corner of the frame and measure. This gives you the measurement from the face of the window frame to the glass (this is normally 18mm/20mm/22mm/24mm/30mm) and will determine the size of the window fixing brackets to be used.
    Find our measuring guides on our Measure & Fit page.
  • How do I fit Perfect Fit blinds?
    1. Assemble the blind by placing all components face down on a clean surface. Guide the two side channels into the exposed arms of the top frame corner joints, until they are secure and tighten the screws attached. Repeat the process with the bottom section of the frame to complete the blind.
    2. Place a credit card vertically against the glass at the top of the window. Where the bottom of the card sits, this is the installation point for the first bracket. Install all of the brackets provided, installing any intermediate brackets accordingly.
    3. Once the brackets are in place, simply line up the framework with the brackets and click it into place. Now your Perfect Fit Venetian Blind is almost ready, attach the tilt wand and the blind is now ready to operate.
    Find our fitting guides on our Measure & Fit page.
  • How much clearance do I need between the window and any obstructions such as handles or vents?
    You need at least 25mm clearance from the rubber beading.
  • Do you include the rubber beading in your measurements?
    No, do not include this in your measurements. Your measurements should be glass size only.
  • Why won’t my bracket go behind the rubber beading?
    Sometimes, the rubber beading sticks to the window which makes it difficult. Apply some fairy liquid or something similar to the bracket and this will help to slide it behind the bracket.


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