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White Roller Blinds

Naro Roller Blind – FR
RRP £15.20
From: £9.50
Frost Roller Blind
RRP £14.38
From: £8.99
Snow Roller Blind
RRP £14.38
From: £8.99
White Roller Blind – FR
RRP £15.20
From: £9.50
White Roller Blind
RRP £11.17
From: £6.98

Our collection of white roller blinds is thoughtfully crafted to enhance your living spaces with a gentle play of light. Designed to filter natural illumination in a delicate dance, these blinds introduce a captivating ambience that soothes the senses. By harnessing the power of natural light, they have the remarkable ability to expand perceived space in rooms that might otherwise feel confined, infusing even the most compact areas with an open and airy quality.

A hallmark of these roller blinds is their duality—a seamless transition between light-infused expanses and cocooned retreats. When drawn closed, they envelop your space in an intimate embrace, creating a sanctuary that evokes a sense of privacy and solitude. This transformative feature renders them not merely window dressings but sculptors of atmosphere, shaping the mood of every setting they grace.

The charm of white roller blinds transcends mere utility, extending into the realm of design. Their pristine hue serves as a blank canvas, allowing them to seamlessly adapt to a myriad of interior styles. Whether your decor is minimalist, modern, or classic, these blinds become the elegant backdrop that complements and enhances your chosen aesthetic.

Embrace the symphony of form and function as our white roller blinds redefine the way you interact with your living spaces. Their ability to filter and manipulate light grants you the power to curate the atmosphere you desire—be it a tranquil reading nook, a sunlit study, or a cocoon-like bedroom. With every adjustment, you shape your surroundings, utilizing the gentle play of light to paint moments of tranquillity and seclusion.

Welcome these white roller blinds into your home, where they transcend the ordinary and become conduits of transformation. Elevate your decor and amplify your comfort as you bask in their harmonious blend of practicality and aesthetics. Whether drawn to bathe your space in light or closed for a retreat into solace, these blinds are a testimony to the elegance of simplicity and the profound impact of thoughtful design.

  • Are roller blinds fitted inside or outside the recess of my window?
    Your roller blinds can fit either outside or inside your window. There are three options when ordering. You can either select recess or exact which will be made to your measurements including your brackets, meaning the fabric will be 35mm smaller than your original measurements. However, if you select cloth size, the fabric will be made to these sizes but your overall blind will be 35mm wider than your measurements.
  • Do Roller blinds keep the heat in?
    Yes! Our roller blinds can help to reduce the amount of heat that can come through your windows. As our products are made to measure, you are assured there are no gaps for the heat to escape from.
  • What way should a roller blind face be?
    There are two ways your roller can face - Standard or Reverse. Standard rolls towards the window which is how your blind will arrive if you order with us. However, if you would like Reverse, which is where the roll goes away from the window, please let us know by calling or emailing customer support
  • How do I clean my roller blinds?
    The easiest way to clean your roller blinds is to remove it from the bracket and roll them fully out till you can see the barrel. You can then use a vacuum to remove all the dust and then use a clean damp cloth. If you need a stain removed, use warm soapy water and lightly remove the stain.
  • How do I measure my roller blinds?
    A) Follow these instructions if you want your blind to fit inside the recess:
    1. Measure the width of the recess from wall to wall in three places as shown. Then take the shortest measurement as your width.
    2. Measure the drop by measuring from the top of the recess to the window sill in three places then take the shortest measurements as your drop.
    3. Please note: of any obstructions like tiles, dado rails, skirting boards that may alter the actual width of the recess.
    4. Select Recess Fitting when ordering.
    B) Follow these instructions if you want your blind to fit outside the recess:
    1. Decide how much you want the blind to overlap, then provide the exact measurements of the width you’d like your blind to be, including the brackets – meaning your cloth will be 35mm shorter.
    2. Decide how much you want the blind to overlap, then provide the exact measurements of the drop you’d like your blind to be.
    3. Select Exact Fitting when ordering.
    C) Follow these instructions if you know the measurements for your cloth/fabric:
    1. Measure how wide you want the cloth and then provide the exact measurements for this.
    2. Measure the drop for the cloth and then provide the exact measurements for this.
    3. Please note: the overall blind will be 35mm wider than your measurements due to the brackets and mechanisms.
    4.   Select cloth fitting when ordering.


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