Measuring For Vertical And Allusion Blinds

Measuring For Vertical And Allusion Blinds Blinds Direct OnlineHave you ever tried to measure vertical/allusion blinds? It can be tricky if you’ve never done it before, especially if you don’t know what kind of blinds you want, or how long the window is. It’s important to get it right, though! That’s why we’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide on how to measure these that make the whole process incredibly simple and foolproof. If you want to learn more about measuring your windows, contact Blinds Direct Online today!
Figuring out how to measure is the first step to finding and purchasing your perfect vertical blinds. Where you measure will depend on whether you are installing them in the window recess or outside. You will need to measure both the width and the drop. You will record the smallest measurements both inside the recess and outside the recess.

How To Measure ‘Inside’ Of The Mount

The most accurate way to measure is to take measurements of the recess in the centre of the window: one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom. Then take three measurements of the horizontal pane at the left, right, and centre of the opening. Blinds placed on the inside of recesses less than 130mm deep, where it is feasible, are recommended to be placed on the outside of the recess.

How To Measure For ‘Outside’ Of The Mount

If a vertical blind is going outside a window recess, then we recommend that the blind extend a few inches to the left and right of the window recess and a few inches higher and lower than the window recess as well, to ensure that the blind can be closed smoothly over the window when it’s closed. If the window sill protrudes a lot from the recess, then the blind may need to stop a few inches from the sill, so that it can be fully open without covering the sill, as that could impede the blind’s operation.

Vertical Blinds FAQ

  • How Do Vertical Blinds Work?
    The Vertical blinds have a sliding mechanism which contains the slats. It is able to open, close, or tilt the slats. Furthermore, the curtains can also be open or closed depending on their position.
  • What Colours Can Vertical Blinds Be?
    We provide vertical blinds with darker and bolder hues, or lighter and subtler colours and patterns.
  • What Rooms Suit Vertical Blinds Best?
    They have a sophisticated appearance that can look nice in any room, but can be particularly beneficial in living rooms and kitchens because you can let in as much light as you want without as much brightness.
  • Are Vertical Blinds Safe For Children?
    At Blinds Direct Online we take child safety very seriously. All of our blinds are child.